Mathematicsensures that all students have an opportunity to become mathematically literate.    All students should learn mathematics, develop skills in mathematics that are appropriate to their learning abilities, and become mathematically powerful.  They can learn to formulate and solve problems with a variety of strategies, to verify and interpret results, and to generalize solutions.


All students are provided access to a full range of mathematical topics.  The goals of the mathematics program are to:

Ø  Learn to value mathematics

Ø  Become confident in one’s ability to do mathematics

Ø  Become mathematical problem solvers

Ø  Learn to reason mathematically.


Reading/Language Arts – focuses on basic skills necessary to become a better reader.  The goals of this program are to:

Ø  Develop/enhance basic skills such as vocabulary, synonyms, antonyms, context clues, homophones, homographs, inference, fact finding, analogies, drawing conclusions, sequence, main ideas, and spelling.

Ø  Expose students to a wide variety of reading materials including newspapers, novels (fiction and non-fiction), textbooks, and poetry.


Science – encourages students to become familiar with basic scientific terms and concepts.  When this occurs, there is a greater possibility that students will think in a more scientific manner and have a greater understanding of their environment.  By exposing students to a wide range of scientific topics, they can see the interrelationship of the different branches of science and how science is a part of their everyday lives.


Social Studies – focuses primarily on current events through the use of a student newspaper.  In addition, there is a heavy focus on history and geography of the United States, with emphasis on the use of maps.


Physical Education – classes are provided several times a week with mandatory participation by all students unless they are medically excused.  The focus of thes classes is teamwork and sportsmanship.


GED Preparation & Testing – assistance is available to prepare students for taking the GED test, and the test is administered at COYC on an as-needed basis.  COYC’s teachers provide tutoring services for those students with an identified need for assistance with GED test preparation. 


Math & Reading Tutoring – COYC teachers tutor students with an identified need for this service.  Tutoring is provided with federal Title I grant funds.


Library ServicesThe Marysville Library assists COYC once each month and provides books that residents on higher levels can “check out” and read during leisure time.

Arts & CraftsVolunteers visit COYC monthly to teach arts and crafts classes.