Specialized staff facilitates the following therapeutic groups:


The Phoenix/New Freedom 100– This group is designed to reduce resistance to behavioral change and decrease antisocial behaviors including gang activity while increasing linkage to protective factors and pro social elements. It focuses on developing emotional intelligence and empathy while identifying their risk factors (people, places, things, situations) for violence, criminal behavior and gang activity. They will identify specific protective factors, including a safety net of supportive people and programs and to master new thinking (CBT) and problem solving skills. It focuses on developing coping skills and impulse control while successfully reducing aggression and violence. Residents will have the opportunity to examine their choices and options about continuing gang activity. PNF 100 will also focus on preparing for a more successful future including developing specific action plans, confidence and competence to avoid their highest risk factors. PNF 100 is a new tool that combines previous modalities into a streamlined  and consistent format.



Substance Abuse Treatment – This group focuses on identifying triggers in participants’ lives and evaluating the consequences of surrendering to these triggers, such as drug abuse and other negative dependencies.  It emphasizes the importance of self–awareness and strategic coping in negative situations.  Participants will learn different points and techniques of intervention to prevent relapse of problem behaviors, and focus on changing thought and behavior patterns for positive results.  The group offers a step-by-step guide to common relapse patterns and suggests ways to build self-esteem and change thinking patterns in order to prevent these negative behaviors from recurring.  (12 program hours)