Admission requirements for the CRC are:

1)    Youth must be between 11 and 18 years of age

2)    Youth must be adjudicated delinquent

3)    Youth must be court ordered to complete the program

4)    Placing agency must submit a completed Referral Form

Exclusionary criteria for the CRC include the following:

1)    Adjudicated sexual offenders who have not completed a treatment program

2)    Pregnant girls

3)    Youth who are actively psychotic or have been actively psychotic in the past six months

4)    Juveniles with a severe, debilitating mental health diagnosis that impairs daily functioning (i.e. schizophrenia)

5)    IQ under 70 or MR/DD diagnosis


Each case will be reviewed and decided on an individual basis.  Meeting one or all of these criteria does not automatically qualify or disqualify a youth from the program.  Preference will be given to youths with families that are willing/able to participate in family therapy and/or those with a placement plan upon release.


The following documents are required for review prior to acceptance:

1)    Results of major intellectual, academic, and personality assessments completed within the last year

2)    Current diagnosis and psychotropic medications (if any)

3)    Brief medical history

4)    Pre-sentence investigation report/social history including offense history and committing offense

5)    Copies of psychological/psychiatric evaluations, if applicable

6)    Individual Education Plans (IEP), if applicable

7)    Information regarding community involvement with youth (e.g. Children’s Services)


The following documents are required at admission:

1)    Copy of court order

2)    Court order must include a provision for the home school district to bear the educational costs for the student

3)    Copy of insurance/Medicaid card

4)    Prescription(s) for medication refills for 90 days

5)    Release of Information form signed by the custodial parent/legal guardian

6)    Agreement signed by the placing agency


The cost for the CRC is $185 per day and placing agencies are invoiced monthly.  In the absence of health insurance or a Medicaid card, the placing agency will be invoiced for any outside dental/medical expenses, psychiatric/psychological expenses, and medication expenses.  The Ohio Department of Youth Services (ODYS) inspects the facility annually to ensure compliance with State standards for detention centers.