The CRC primarily utilizes Phoenix Resources’ A New Freedom curriculum.  This curriculum has been approved by the University of Cincinnati for use in the program.  A New Freedom curriculum is workbook-based, supplemented with checklists, activity cards, and skill-building activities.  It provides detailed, behaviorally-stated objectives and lesson plans allowing staff to monitor residents’ progress and results. 


A New Freedom curriculum builds on cognitive-behavioral techniques (CBT), motivational enhancement therapy (MET), risk factors management, relapse prevention, and social learning treatment concepts.  These materials provide a logical progression addressing defensiveness, then cognitive change issues, and finally thoughts and feelings. 


When a resident is ready to learn new approaches, the program provides guidance in mastering new problem solving, thinking, and coping skills.  The goal of the program is to increase self-confidence and resilience (self-efficacy) in addressing each resident’s specific risk factors – a critical part of relapse prevention. 


Upon completion of the CRC program, residents should participate in almost 400 hours of group time.